Infrastructure is hard, but so important. DOPIER helps you look at things right

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Principles for Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure is all the buzz these days. And there is a lot of buzzwords around it. Clusters, Kubernetes, serverless, on-premise, cloud, edge computing and tons of other more or less valuable terms. There are many different levels of progress along the axis of infrastructure, from those just becoming aware that infrastructure is something that exists to those that are already far in their journey and already have extra dope infrastructure. I have compiled a set of principles that will help you make sane decisions regarding how you think about infrastructure. To help making your infrastructure DOPIER.


Getting Old(er)

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It had to come to this. I do not want to main any sort of infrastructure any more. This page is now served on Amazon S3.

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I rent a VPC from Contabo. I have a Kubernetes cluster running on Hetzner virtual machines. My full portfolio of services that run on these amount to three wordpress sites and two static sites.

I don’t know if this is over-engineering, gold-plating or Yak shaving, but the right answer is probably at least two of the aforementioned. At least that setup is stupid. I’ve moved to Amazon S3.